"You're capable of it. You can't leave your family, you can't leave Glenn. . . you can't leave me." ― Dylan Dixon to Margo Grimes trying to convince her to leave the CDC

Dylan Dixon is one of two protagonists in the Dylargo book series, first appearing in chapter one of The Sinners and Saints. He's a former high school student and mechanic assistant before the outbreak. He is the son of Daryl Dixon and an unnamed woman. Dylan is also the adoptive son of Nancy Dixon (née Malone) and the half-brother to Louise Dixon.

At the start of the story, he is shown to be cold and have no emotions, but it is soon shown, around Margo Grimes, he had some sense of humor. Throughout part one of The Sinners and Saints, Dylan is shown to have more of a personality instead of just being a cold-hearted, selfish person. After saving Margo Grimes from becoming part of the Atlanta Massacre, he realizes his feelings for her were more than platonic. Dylan became very distraught and heartbroken when Margo decided to stay behind to die at The CDC after he tried to convince her to leave, showing how much he really cared about her.

Early Life

Dylan was raised in an unstable environment in his early childhood. Until he was three years old, he lived with his father, Daryl Dixon, and his mother who is unnamed. This ended when Dylan's mother severely hurt him during a fight she and Daryl had. For two more years, Daryl and Dylan lived with Will Dixon, having no other option due to living on the very verge of poverty. While Dylan barely remembers anything of his early childhood, the one he remembered clearly caused the largest scar he has. One night, Will came home very intoxicated and mistaken five-year-old Dylan as a young Daryl.

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